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Vodafone Offering Discount To Those Who Upgrade To 4G LTE !

By Simon Thomas on 29th October 2012

Everything Everywhere (EE) will launch their 4G LTE network in the UK this week and Vodafone have now begun their own advertising campaign promoting their own 4G service.


The problem for Vodafone and the other operators is that unlike EE they won't be able to launch their 4G networks in the UK until next year. They all have to wait for the auction to take place meaning that they won't be able to offer 4G LTE until the 2nd quarter of 2013 at the earliest.


Vodafone have now begun a new campaign promoting their 4G service to try and retain and attract customers who might otherwise be tempted by EE's 4G LTE network.


Vodafone are reassuring its customers that its customers will be the first to benefit from 4G when it launches in the UK next year. Additionally, they are offering current customers 70 per cent off their remaining bill if they wish to upgrade and will exchange their 3G phone for one that supports 4G.


Only selected smartphones will be exchangeable but those buying the Galaxy SIII and the Galaxy Note II from October 26th can take advantage of the exchange policy. The only question now is whether this is enough for new and existing customers to avoid the temptation of EE's 4G network.

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