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Vodafone Add New R205 Mobile Wi-Fi Dongle !

By Simon Thomas on 10th October 2012


Vodafone already have a comprehensive mobile broadband offering and it just got even better because they've added a new MiFi device to their online store.


The Vodafone R205 Mobile Wi-Fi router enables you to share a mobile broadband connection with up to five devices, such as your iPad, laptop , smartphone and much more.


Setting up the Vodafone R205 is very simple and there isn't even any software to install . It works creating a personal WiFi network sharing your 3G connection which you can then connect to by entering the password on your devices.


Vodafone are offering the Mobile Wi-Fi R205 for £55 on Pay As You Go with 250MB of data available for £5 a month. Alternatively, a £20 a month rolling contract gets you 2GB of data and you'll only have to pay £49 for a the device.


Those who plan to use the service for a prolonged period might want consider an 18 month contract which costs £15 a month. That gets you 1GB of data per month and the Mobile Wi-Fi R205 free.


You can view all of Vodafone's Mobile Broadband deals by clicking here.

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