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Sony To Launch MyXperia Cloud Service ?

By Simon Thomas on 24th October 2012

Cloud-based services are popping up all over the place and now it looks like Sony are going to launch their cloud-storage service.


A new "MyXperia" trademark has been spotted by the eagle-eyed crew over at Juggly.en which is described as a service which relates to  the "'upload, storage, retrieval, download, transmission and delivery of digital content and media.'"

In addition it was listed that MyXperia will be available on "mobile phones, smartphones, digital or electronic tablets and handheld digital electronic devices'. We think it's pretty safe to conclude that Sony are launching their own Cloud-based storage solution for their Xperia smartphones and tablets.

3G think it's also reasonable to assume that Sony will be offering free storage to owners of its devices, but at this time we have no idea just how much will be available. If we had to guess our instincts tell us that it'll be around 5GB of free storage, but we'll just have to wait until Sony officially unveil the service for confirmation.

We also have no idea when Sony will roll-out the service, but it shouldn't be too far away and we'd expect it be available on all Sony's recently released Xperia smartphones and tablets. As soon as we hear more about Sony's MyXperia service we'll let you know.



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