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Sony One-Touch - How Can The NFC Feature Be Used ?

By Simon Thomas on 12th October 2012

Sony One-Touch is a feature included on all of Sony's next-gen Xperia smartphones which enables you to send files and data using NFC. Sending the files just requires you to touch your smartphone with another One-Touch smartphone , so it couldn't be easier to use.


Sony have now posted 5 ways you can use One-Touch with the first being to share pictures and videos you've taken quickly and easily between Xperia smartphones, tablets and VAIO laptops. Additionally, you can easily share contact details and web-addresses with a single touch.


Sony also have a number of NFC enabled headsets which enable you to listen to music and answer calls without the need for wires. Additionally, they also offer NFC speakers for the times when you want to share your music with others.


The last use of One-Touch is with Xperia SmartTags , which are a novel new way to customise and control your smartphone. SmartTags can be programmed to change settings and open applications on your smartphone when they are touched. For example, on entering the office you can set your smartphone into silent mode and open your calendar automatically.


Sony One-Touch is a nice feature and essentially is just Sony's way of managing NFC features, although Sony's Xperia SmartTags does set it apart from other NFC solutions.

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