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Sony Extended Standby Mode Explained And Tested

By Simon Thomas on 08th October 2012


Sony added the "Extended Standby Mode" feature to all of its smartphones running on Android Ice Cream Sandwich. 3G thought think its a good time to give you a quick overview of what the feature is all about.


Essentially, Extended Standby Mode is a power-saving mode which increases the standby time of your Xperia smartphone. However, it's a lot smarter than the standard power-saving modes you normally come across.


When activated Extended Standby Mode will activate a number of battery saving techniques 15 minutes after you've locked your smartphones display. Data will automatically be turned off and background activities will be stopped from waking up , while applications will also be prevented from syncing data.


Don't worry because you'll still be able to receive calls and texts, while the calendar application and  alarms will still feature normally. As soon as you unlock your smartphone it'll go returning to functioning normally.


So how much does Extended Standby Mode help ? Well, the standby time of your Xperia smartphone could improve as much as 4 times if you use the feature. Sony's testing  found that the standby time of the Xperia P improved from 13 hours to 65 hours !


Sony recently updated the Xperia Sola, Xperia Go and Xperia U to Android Ice Cream Sandwich meaning owners of the smartphones can use Extended Standby Mode. While all of Sony's other next-gen Xperia smartphones support the feature.

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