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Skype Released For Windows 8 / Windows RT !

By Simon Thomas on 23rd October 2012


Skype have released a new version of their application for Windows 8 and Windows RT and the good news is that it's been redesigned and improved.


The Skype platform is compatible with Windows 8 devices and Windows RT tablets, such as Microsoft's Surface. The whole platform has been redesigned and adopts a similar visual design to the Microsoft's new platform.


The end result is that the Skype application fits with the rest of the operating system and has a much cleaner appearance than before. Additionally, it now fills the whole screen which improves the user-interface even further.


However, things get even better because due to clever technology the Skype application can continue running in the background without using any of your CPU. You'll still get access to any notifications, such as messages and calls just without the constant drain on your battery.


 For those interested in the complexities it uses Microsoft's Windows Push Notification Services that runs on remote servers and the devices's Connected Standby mode. All we know is that we wish every application could run in the background with minimal battery drain because our tablets and laptops are always running out of battery.


Skype will be available to download from the Windows Marketplace this Friday (26th October), which is when the new Windows platforms launch.

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