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PhotoDesk - Featured S-Pen App For the Galaxy Note !

By Simon Thomas on 23rd October 2012

One of the standout features of Samsung's Galaxy Note range of smartphones is the S-Pen interface which enables faster , more accurate input and has been highly praised by users and critics across the world.


Samsung have made an S-Pen SDK (Software Development Kit) available so developers can incorporate S-Pen support into their applications. One application that's fully utilised the S-Pen feature is "PhotoDesk", which is a photo management and editing application.


PhotoDesk enables Galaxy Note and Note II owners to organise and manage their photos by taking advantage of Android's "Fragment feature". This splits the screen into different areas with a main view and a secondary view which can be used to show folders, thumbnails and geo-location maps .


The PhotoDesk application includes a number of features that have been specialised for use with Samsung's S-Pen interface. 


For example, when you bring the S-Pen near a folder basic information about that selected folder will appear in a pop-up window. Additionally, if you click the button on the stylus a quick menu will pop up giving you access to a number of functions. The image editing feature of PhotoDesk also benefits from the S-Pen interface because you can do separate tasks with your hand and your pen simultaneously.


Owners of the Samsung Galaxy Note or Galaxy Note II can download PhotoDesk free from the Samsung Apps website !

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