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Operators Form Digital Mobile Spectrum To Speed Up 4G Launch

By Simon Thomas on 18th October 2012

Everything Everywhere (EE) are due to launch their 4G LTE network in the UK in the next couple of weeks which has put the other UK operators in a disadvantageous position. That's because they have to wait until the 4G auctions next year until they can offer 4G in the UK because they don't have spare spectrum to use to provide the service like EE.


Now O2 , Vodafone and Three have joined forces to form the "Digital Mobile Spectrum" to try and accelerate the launch of 4G in the UK. The aim of the company is to get 4G rolled out in the UK as fast as possible after the auctions have been completed.


The government  prompted the operators to join forces to solve some of the issues the operators before they can roll-out 4G in the UK. The biggest issue and the main reason for the forming of the Digital Mobile Spectrum is to ensure that 4G networks don't interfere with TV Freeview signals.


The Digital Mobile Spectrum, which will be funded by the successful bidders at the 4G auctions, will be taking various steps to ensure that the 800MHz spectrum doesn't interfere with "Freeview" signals including adding filters to aerials in the worst affected areas.


Even with this new agreement the main stalling point on the 4G rollout is the auctions, but at least the turn around time after that should be pretty short thanks to formation of the Digital Mobile Spectrum. 3G will keep you updated on the latest news regarding 4G in the UK.

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