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iPhone 5 Lightning Adapters Now Shipping !

By Simon Thomas on 08th October 2012

When Apple announced the iPhone 5 they introduced the new "Lightning Dock" connector which is 80 per cent smaller than the connector on previous iPhones . The main problem with its introduction is that previous docking stations and accessories arn't compatible with the new iPhone.


Well that's all now been resolved because Apple have begun shipping Lightning Dock connectors which enable you to use previous iPhone accessories and docking stations with the iPhone 5.


You'll have to pay for the privilege with a "Lightning to 30-pin Adapter" costing £24.99. Alternatively, you can buy a "Lightning to USB Cable" for accessories that only require a USB connection. Both are now shipping and can be bought from Apple's official store .


3G thinks Apple should have at least included the Lightning to USB Cable in the box as a thank you for customers loyalty. Failing that they could at least have given previous iPhone owners the option to send for one after proving ownership of a previous model.


Whatever we think the facts are that Apple have made the decision to charge for the adapters and those who already own docking stations and accessories are left without much choice but to purchase an adapter. Many users would claim that it's normal to have to buy new accessories when you buy a new smartphone and be happy to pay, but we're not convinced.


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