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iPad 4 With A Better CPU and 4G LTE Support Unveiled !

By Simon Thomas on 24th October 2012

Apple have unveiled a new version of the fully fledged iPad, code-named the iPad 4, at their press event in California where they also unveiled the iPad Mini.


The tech-giant caught everybody by surprise by announcing a new fully-fledged iPad because it's been just 7 months since the "New iPad" launched. The internet is already awash with iPad owners complaining and we sympathise because you'd expect it to be the "New iPad" for at least a year.


So how is the 4th generation iPad better than the previous version ? Well, firstly it comes with a new A6X processor which doubles the performance of CPU intensive tasks. This alone would be enough for some people to consider updating, but there is more !



The major addition , and probably the reason for the release of the new version,  is the addition of support for 4G LTEEE will be offering the 4th generation iPad when it launches in the UK meaning that UK owners will be able to take advantage of super-speed 4G networks !


The front-facing "Facetime" camera has also seen a boost up to 1.2 mega-pixels making it significantly better than the 0.3 mega-pixel camera on the previous iPad model. While, the tablet now comes pre-loaded with iOS 6 and features the new "Lightning" dock connector.


The 4th generation iPad will come in both a WiFi-only and a WiFi & Cellular versions which supports both 3G and WiFi.


Prices for the WiFi version come in at £399, £479 and £559 and will be available on November 2nd. While the "Cellular" version will be available a couple of weeks later and will cost £100 more for each respective model.

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