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Huawei E3256 HSPA+42 Dongle Now Available From Three

By Simon Thomas on 02nd October 2012

Three have announced that a new super-fast dongle is now available to buy over at their online store. The new dongle , called the Huawei E3256 , utilises HSPA+42 speeds which offers amazing download and upload speeds.


HSPA+42 (DC-HSDPA)  is currently being rolled out across the country with Three hoping to get coverage to 50 per cent of the UK's population by the end of 2012. Three have always been a pioneering company when it comes to mobile broadband and they arn't showing any signs of changing.


HSPA+42 should theoretically offer downloads speeds around 20 MBps but that's unlikely and somewhere around 10 MBps is probably more realistic. This still lags behind 4G LTE in terms of performance, but it's a vast improvement on HSPA+.


The Huawei E3256 has a rotating head which can be adjusted to act as an aerial , while at the same time being plugged into your PC or laptops USB port, It's available to buy right now from the Three store on some great value deals.


On Pay As You Go you can get the Huawei E3256 with 1GB of data for £44.99 or you can get it on a one month rolling contract costing £15.99 with an upfront fee of £24.99. That'll get you 5GB of data which is more than enough for an average user.


You can view all of Three's Mobile Broadband deals by clicking here.

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