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HTC One X Gets Android Jelly Bean !

By Simon Thomas on 29th October 2012

The HTC One X was due to get updated to Android Jelly Bean this month and we've now heard news that the update is rolling out across Europe.


The information comes from AndroidCentral who have reported that the update has begun rolling out across Europe. 


HTC roll-out their updates based on the Customer ID (CID) of their smartphones , so its a little random when the update will be available to individual users. We recommend owners of the smartphone to look out for the update notification or even better to check for it manually.


The update to Android Jelly Bean will bring a number of new features to the HTC One X, which was already an amazing smartphone. Standout new additions include support for Google Now, which is the Android equivalent of Siri as well as support for actions being added in the notification window.


Other improvements include the inclusion of an improved on-screen QWERTY keyboard, better home-screen widget management and an overall boost in speed and performance. Additionally, the HTC One X will get the latest version of HTC Sense thanks to the update.


HTC recently unveiled the HTC One X+ which is an improved version of the One X which comes pre-loaded with Android Jelly Bean. The release Android Jelly Bean on the HTC One X will make owners of the smartphone more content with their device so fair play to HTC for getting it ready so quickly.


The HTC One X is available to buy on some great value tariffs on Three including a £29 a month deal which gets you 500 minutes, 5000 texts and unlimited mobile data. You will have to pay £29 upfront for the phone, but it's still the best deal around !


You can checkout all of Three's HTC One X deals by clicking here.



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