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HTC One+ What Improvements Does It Bring ?

By Simon Thomas on 25th October 2012

The original HTC One X launched back in April and received glowing reviews  from critics. Infact, in our review we concluded that "Every so often a phone comes along that does everything right and the HTC One X is one of these examples of perfection. "


Now a new version of the smartphone called the HTC One X+ has been announced and will launch in the UK on 30th October. We thought this made it the perfect time to you how it improves on its predecessor.


Faster Processor


The HTC One X+ has an even faster processor than the HTC One X because the clock-speed of the quad-core processor has been increased.


The One X+ has a Nvidia Tegra 3 processor running at 1.7 GHz , which improves on the 1.5 Ghz chip present on the One X. The end-result is that performance should be improved by as much as 67 per cent, which is pretty significant !


Bigger Battery


A bigger processor drains more battery and HTC have responded by including a larger battery in the HTC One X+. The battery has been boosted up to 2100 mAH which will offer 50 per cent more talktime than on the HTC One X ,  which is mightily impressive.


The only downside of the larger battery is that the weight of the device has increased slightly from 130g up to 135g. However, we think it's well worth carrying an extra 5g for the battery boost you receive.


Thinner Form Factor


Amazingly, the HTC One X+ is thinner than the HTC One X with the overall thickness reduced by 0.4mm to just 8.9mm. This more than compensates for the small increase in weight which we mentioned previously.


More onboard storage & Improved Front-facing Camera.

The HTC One X Plus comes with double the onboard storage of the original giving it a whopping 64GB of space. That's more than enough to store your music collection, photos and videos. Additionally, the front facing camera has been boosted up to 1.6 mega-pixels which will improve the quality of video calls.

Android Jelly Bean

The HTC One X+ comes pre-loaded with Android Jelly Bean and HTC Sense 4+ which makes it the first HTC handset to run on Google's new operating system. Admittedly, the HTC One X will be upgraded to Android Jelly Bean this month, but this takes away the delay and stress of updating.


Overall the HTC One X+ has some great improvements to what was an already excellent Android smartphone and 3G look forward to reviewing the smartphone shortly !

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