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How To Avoid Data Costs When Abroad !

By Simon Thomas on 29th October 2012


Three have issued a new video informing its customers how to avoid incurring unnecessary data roaming charges when travelling abroad. I'm sure you've all heard horror stories about people incurring huge bills when browsing abroad, so we recommend you to checkout the guide to avoid wasting your money !


You might think it's unnecessary to turn off your data roaming when abroad because you'll just avoid using the browser. However, it's not as easy as that because applications might auto-update , your email might auto-sync or you might receive push notifications.


There are two options to avoid incurring unnecessary charges with the first being to turn off data roaming on your smartphone itself. While the second option is disable data roaming on you My3 account and you can learn how to do both by clicking here.


One thing to consider is that when you turn off data roaming in your My3 account you'll need to access a computer to turn it back on. For this reason Three recommend you turn off the data roaming on your smartphone rather than on your My3 account.


Those travelling to Europe might want to consider taking advantage of Three's Euro Internet Pass which enables you to use your smartphone abroad without having to worry about incurring huge data costs.


With Three's Euro Internet Pass you can unlimited mobile data in selected countries for just £5 a day. You can find out more about the service by clicking here.

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