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Google Voice Search Now On iPad and iPhone !

By Simon Thomas on 31st October 2012


Google have announced a number of new devices, the launch of Google Play Music in the UK and a new version of Android this week. It would be easy to overlook something , such as confirmation that Voice Search is now available on the Apple iPad and iPhone.


Google Voice Search enables users to search the world's most popular search engine just by using their voice. The feature has now been included in the latest "Google Search" application for iOS .


Google Voice Search displays intelligent and "on the whole" accurate responses to questions asked. For example, if asking to see pictures of a monkey the application will report back with results from Google Image search.


Apple had to approve Google's application so we presume they arn't too concerned with Google's application drawing  attention away from  Siri, which is Apple's voice-assistant software.


To be fair Google Voice Search is just a search feature and not a true rival to Siri. Google do have their own voice-assistant software called Google Now, but that's currently only available on Android smartphones and tablets.


Google probably wouldn't be keen to bring Google Now to the iOS platform because the only reason they are bringing Google Voice Search is to make money from Google searches. We also know its extremely unlikely that Apple would approve Google Now if Google ever tried to bring the software to iOS.


iOS device owners can download the new Google Search app with Voice Search from iTunes by clicking here.

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