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Facebook Mobile Has 600 Million Active Users !

By Simon Thomas on 08th October 2012

Facebook have announced that they've now hit 1 billion active monthly users which is the first time they've ever reached the milestone figure. However, what's even more amazing is just how much of the traffic comes from mobiles.


A whopping 600,000 active monthly users are now visiting from mobiles and smartphones every month. That means that 60 per cent of Facebook's active users visit from a mobile device. Mobile visitors first became the dominant platform (over 50% share) back in December 2011 and has been growing each quarter since then.


With the advent of 4G LTE and even more powerful smartphones being released all the time we can only see the figure going in one direction. However, what has to be considered is that many people view Facebook on both their mobile and their desktop.


We'd like to see how many active users only visit Facebook solely on a mobile. We wouldn't be surprised to see that number growing very quickly. However,  we're sure a lot of users only use Facebook Mobile when they don't have access to a desktop PC.


Whatever happens in the future we're sure that Facebook mobile will continue to grow in popularity. 3G will keep you posted on all the latest news related to the social network.




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