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Blackberry Tag On Blackberry 7 Smartphones !

By Simon Thomas on 11th October 2012


Blackberry smartphones might not be as popular as they used to be but they still have some great features including Blackberry Tag.


Blackberry Tag enables you to easily share content with friends just by touching your smartphones together. The feature, which was first included in Blackberry 7.1 , utilises NFC technology and enables you to share many things with a single tap.


With Blackberry Tag you can share contact details, invite a friend to BBM, share content from media applications, share a browser URL, share documents and much more. You can learn more about how you can use Blackberry Tag in your everyday life by watching RIM's video advert posted above.


Blackberry Tag is available on all Blackberry 7 smartphones with NFC support which includes the Blackberry Bold 9900 and Blackberry Curve 9360. Three have some amazing deals on Blackberry smartphones which you can checkout by clicking here.

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