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Xbox SmartGlass App Now Available On iOS Devices

By Simon Thomas on 09th November 2012


Microsoft have now brought their Xbox SmartGlass application to the iOS platform meaning it can now be used on the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.


Xbox SmartGlass is an amazing application that enables your mobile device to become a second-screen for your Xbox.


A whole host of amazing features are enabled by SmartGlass including the ability to control your Xbox with your mobile device. That includes the option to use your mobile devices keyboard to type on your Xbox.


Things get even better because you can easily transfer music, video playback and web-browsing between the two devices. For example, when watching a movie on your iPad you can easily pause and continue watching on your Xbox or vice-versa. Additionally, you can transfer your open browser tabs between devices.


SmartGlass also includes a whole host of interactive features which add to your overall experience. For example, when watching a movie you can bring up more information about it on your mobile device. Another excellent use is that when watching sports you could display real-time stats on your iOS device without disturbing the main coverage.


Furthermore, the potential is there to use your mobile device as a strategy guide while playing a game on your Xbox. In the future it might even be possible to display actual game features on your mobile device, such as a map of the game-world.


Those wanting to find our more about the SmartGlass application should watch the video posted above , which documents the major features of Microsoft's application.


Xbox SmartGlass was already available for Android, Windows Phone and Windows 8 devices. iOS owners can now download the application from iTunes !

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