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Windows Phone 8 Users Reporting Random Reboots And Email Problems

By Simon Thomas on 21st November 2012

Microsoft's Windows Phone 8 launch was all going so well with a good choice of smartphones available at launch and the platform receiving glowing reviews from industry experts. However, things seem to have taken a turn for the worst with users reporting a couple of problems that are affecting the operating system.


The first bug leads to Windows Phone 8 smartphones spontaneously rebooting. Details on the rebooting issue are rather sketchy and we'll have to wait for Microsoft to investigate the issue to find out the true cause.


The second bug relates to a problem where Windows Phone 8 devices are constantly syncing emails. In essence the smartphones keep looping email syncs and there doesn't appear to be anyway to stop the process.


One theory is that the release of the Skype application last week has caused the issues with the Windows Phone platform. However, this has yet to be confirmed , but users could try un-installing the application to see if it resolves the issues.


Microsoft are already investigating both problems and as soon as they find a solution they'll be releasing an update to fix them. 3G will keep you up to date with all the latest progress and developments on the matter !



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