Windows Phone 7.8 Landing In Next Couple Of Weeks ?


Windows Phone 7

The Windows Phone 7 platform might have been replaced by Windows Phone 8, but that doesn't mean that Microsoft will discontinue support for the operating system.

Infact, at a recent Nokia event it was hinted that Windows Phone 7.8 is just a couple of weeks away . According to sources, who spoke to WMPoweruser, Microsoft has now released the operating system to manufacturers so it should land very soon.


The Windows Phone 7.8 platform will incorporate the new Windows Phone 8 user-interface including  new Live Tiles which now come in 3 sizes enabling perfect customisation of the home-screen. The bad news is that IE10 won't come as part of the update due to a lack of hardware acceleration in the OS.


At the current time we have no idea what Windows smartphones will get updated to the Windows Phone 7.8 platform. However, we previously heard that the Lumia 900 will be getting the upgrade and as soon as we get news on what other smartphones will get Windows Phone 7.8 we'll let you know !



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By Simon Thomas on 20th November, 2012

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