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Vodafone Unveil Red Hot Smartphone Rental Tariffs

By Simon Thomas on 16th November 2012

Vodafone have unveiled a new scheme which enables customers to rent a smartphone instead of owning it outright like on standard mobile contracts,


The new Vodafone Red Hot enables users to rent either a Samsung Galaxy SIII, Samsung Galaxy Note or an iPhone 5. The main benefit of the packages is that you don't get locked into a 24 month tariff nor will you have to pay a huge amount up-front for the smartphones !


Prices for the iPhone 5 start at £59 a month which gets you a 16GB model free with unlimited calls, unlimited texts, 2GB of data and 3GB of WiFi allowance. You can also get the 32GB model for £64 a month (£29 upfront fee) or the 64GB iPhone for £69 a month (£49 upfront fee).


While , the Galaxy SIII is available with the same allowances, but with 2GB of data for £47 and £52 (£29 upfront) for the 32GB and 64GB models respectively. With the Galaxy Note available free on a Red Hot tariff costing £52 a month.


All the tariffs come with insurance which cover you for damage to your smartphone. However, you'll have to report any damage within seven days while lost or misplace smartphone have to be reported within two days.


At the end of the contract users have to return their smartphone within a week or face penalities. Additionally, any damage to the smartphone  when it's returned will also incur charges although general wear and tear is acceptable.


Our first impression of Vodafone's Red Hot tariffs were that they are over-priced and that we'd be scared about damaging the smartphone. However, when you consider that you have insurance included in the price they become a lot more appealing actually offer a viable alternative to lengthy 24 month contracts.


You can visit the Vodafone store to find our more by clicking here.

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