Vodafone Red Tariff Offers Unlimited Talk And Texts !



Vodafone have launched a new advertising campaign aimed at promoting it's new "Vodafone Red" tariff which offers customers unlimited calls, unlimited texts and loads of internet.


The advert, which can be viewed above, features Master Yoda who is the star of all of Vodafone's TV adverts. Like all of the parodies released before Yoda tries to use the force to solve a problem which doesn't exist thanks to the brilliance of Vodafone's network.


Vodafone's Red tariffs start at just £29 a month which gets you unlimited texts , unlimited minutes and 1GB of mobile data. For that price you can choose between a Blackberry Curve 9320, Sony Xperia Miro and many other smartphones.


Those looking for a bit more data might want to consider the Vodafone Red plan with 2GB of data which starts at £42 a month. For that price you can get the Galaxy SIII , Xperia T and the iPhone 4S free !


You can checkout all of Vodafone's mobile deals on their store by clicking here.

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By Simon Thomas on 07th November, 2012

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