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Vodafone and EE Customers To Getting Free London Underground WiFi

By Simon Thomas on 22nd November 2012

Virgin Media installed a WiFi network in the London Underground earlier this year to enable commuters and tourists alike to browse the web on the trains and inside 72 stations.


Originally, Virgin were planning to end the free service directly after the Olympics , but they then announced it'd be free until the end of the year. Then we expected Virgin customers to able to access the service free with all other users would have to pay for the service.


However, Virgin Media have now confirmed that they are planning to license out the network to other operators. So far we've heard that both Vodafone and EE have signed up and consequently will be offering their customers free WiFi in the London Underground.


The information was leaked on EE's Twitter but has since been removed, but not before it spread through the blogosphere. Since then Vodafone have confirmed they'll be offering free WIFi on the London Underground, but EE are yet to comment further.


We've also learnt that all other customers will be able to access the network for £2 a day, although monthly access packages will also be available. Sadly, we don't have any further details about the packages at the current time.


Free WiFi networks are spreading quickly and are now offered in a whole array of public places across the UK. Combined with the roll-out of 4G and the increase coverage and speed of 3G networks consumers have never had it so good !



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