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Touchscreen Handsets Dominanting UK Mobile Market !

By Simon Thomas on 21st November 2012

The UK mobile market is being dominated by touch-screen only devices according to a new report posted by GfK.


The data showed that the number of touch-screen mobiles sales sold in September 2012 increased 25 per cent compared to the start of 2012 . They also pointed out that if you combined all the UK sales of touch-screen mobiles in September you'd be able to create a smartphone the size of a football pitch.

That's pretty impressive, but what's even more impressive is that 90 per cent of contract mobiles sold in September we touch-only devices which compares to 66 per cent in 2011. As you'd expect the share of touch-screen only devices is lower in the Pay As You Go market. However, their popularity is also growing and they now make up almost a third of pre-paid mobile sales.


So why have touchscreen devices grown in popularity ?


Well, firstly touch-screen smartphones have become much more affordable in the last year which is the biggest reason for their increased success.  Additionally, the increase in the average touch-screen size has helped make on-screen QWERTY keyboards much easier to use, while at the same time the touch-screen technology is much more responsive and the software is much improved.


The increased success and usability of touch-screen devices has led to a reduction in the availability of QWERTY devices and the decreasing cost of touch-screen devices is killing of feature-phones. While, Blackberry's recent demise has also contributed to the reduction in QWERTY keyboard devices.


To be honest there is really very little reason not to choose a touch-screen mobile unless your looking to spend less than £20 on a mobile . 3G expects touch-screen only devices to become even more dominant in the next year !

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