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Sony Yoga - 1080p Android Smartphone Leaked !

By Simon Thomas on 09th November 2012

New information has been leaked online suggesting that Sony are going to launch a new premium Android smartphone, which has been code-named the Sony Yoga.


The leak, originating from Android-Schweiz, includes photos of a prototype version of the Sony Yoga. We presume that the smartphone will be re-branded as an Xperia device before it launches , but for now we'll just have to refer to it as the Yoga.


The Sony Yoga will apparently have a huge 5 inch touch-screen which will run at full HD (1920*1080 pixels). That makes it far bigger than any of Sony's previous smartphones which reflects the trend towards larger and larger smartphone displays.


A lot of power is needed to run a display running at such a high resolution and the Yoga doesn't disappoint because it comes with a quad-core 1.5 Ghz Snapdragon processor. That is then backed up by 2GB of RAM which should ensure the smartphone runs super-smooth and quickly.


Sony are yet to include Android Jelly Bean on any of their smartphones, but that looks set to change when they release the Sony Yoga. Other features include a stunning 12 mega-pixel camera and  we'd expect the Sony Yoga to ship with a 4G LTE support, as well as WiFi, 3G, NFC and Bluetooth capabilities.


 The Sony Yoga is expected to be unveiled in January at CES in Las Vegas and 3G will let you know as soon as we hear more about the smartphone !



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