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Smartphones WiFi-Hotspot Connections Outnumber Laptops For The First Time !

By Simon Thomas on 20th November 2012

The number of people connecting to WiFi Hotspots using smartphones has exceeded those using laptops for the first time according to a survey conducted by Informa Telecoms.


The figures show that 40 per cent of connections to WiFi Hotspots now take place on smartphones compared to 39 per cent on laptops. Tablets have seen huge growth in recent times and now account for 17 per cent of all WiFi Hotspot connections.


According to the Wireless Broadband Alliance the trend will only continue to accelerate in the next couple of years thanks to the adoption of "Next Generation Hotspots (NGH).  NGH's will simplify the way users access WiFi Hotspots by removing the need to enter a user-name and password !


Free public WiFi hotspots have grown vastly across the UK in the last year and are becoming standard in coffee shops, restaurants, shopping malls and even on trains. They'll only continue to grow and it won't be long before smartphones and tablet dominate their usage !


3G are huge fans of shops and public places offering free WiFi networks and we hope they continue to spread as quickly as they have in the last year. As always we'll be reporting on all the latest news related to mobile broadband and WiFi access in the UK !

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