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Siri or Google Voice Search - Which Is Better ?

By Simon Thomas on 14th November 2012


Motorola have posted a new video, which can be viewed above, comparing Apple's Siri voice-assistant with Google's Voice Search.


Apple's Siri platform stole all the headlines when it was unveiled on the iPhone 4S, but since then its come in for criticism due to the accuracy of its voice-recognition and the correctness of its actions. While Google's Voice Search has been around for a while already and is generally thought to perform better than Apple's software.

So what do the tests show ?


The results of Motorola's test show that Google's Voice Search is quicker than Siri in every test. In some cases the difference in performance is pretty substantial and based on this study alone you'd have to conclude that Google Voice Search is the better piece of software.


Tasks conducted in the test including asking the weather, getting directions to a location, finding sports scores , simple calculations and setting reminders. This is a pretty comprehensive list, but we're sure Apple would argue that Siri can do much more than Google Voice Search.


For the skeptics out there both of the smartphones are running on Verizon's 4G network in the US so the speed of the internet connection was idential on both smartphones.


However, caution should be exerted with these results because Motorola sell Android smartphones so they'll be keen for them to appear favourably . 3G doesn't doubt that the results are genuine, but some less favourable findings could easily have been omitted from the results.

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