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Samsung Galaxy SIIII Hits 30 Million Sales

By Simon Thomas on 05th November 2012

The Samsung Galaxy SII already set a pretty high standard when it came to sales, but the Samsung Galaxy SIII is blowing its predecessor away.


Samsung have reported that in the 5 months since the Galaxy S3 launched they've sold over 30 million of them across the globe. In the same period the Galaxy SII had hit 10 million worldwide sales, which shows just how well the S3 is performing.


Now Samsung have released a number of new colours in the Galaxy SIII range and an LTE version of the smartphone in the UK. Additionally, Android Jelly Bean is now available for the mobile , which should drive up demand for Samsung's flagship smartphone.


Samsung have also recently announced the more affordable Galaxy SIII Mini and we're interested to see how that fares. While, they have also recently launched the Galaxy Note II which is selling very well across the world.


3G can report , without hesitation, that Samsung are now the biggest competitor to Apple in the smartphone market. While Google could become the third major player thanks to their range of high-spec, competitively priced Android devices.





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