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Samsung Galaxy SIII 64GB Coming Soon !

By Simon Thomas on 06th November 2012

Back in August we heard about the existence of a 64GB version of the Samsung Galaxy SIII which would be available in black. Well , now the online retailer The Clove have now begun taking pre-orders for the smartphone.


The Galaxy S3 64GB will be priced around £600, but The Clove will only stock the device if they get enough pre-orders in the next two weeks to hit the minimum order number. Then it'll be another 5 or 6 weeks before the device arrives in customers hands.


In addition to the Black version the previous rumours hinted that the 64GB model would also be available in Pebble Blue and Pearl White. However , we've got no news on that front but we'd expect them to launch at a similar time to the Black version.


The vast majority of smartphones come with a maximum of 32GB of on-board memory, but HTC included 64GB of storage on the HTC One X+. However, the SIII 64GB outdoes that smartphone because it also supports microSD cards giving it a massive 128GB capacity.


The 64GB Galaxy SIII is identical in every other way to the other models of Samsung's smartphones, but that isn't a bad thing. The specification includes a 4.8 inch touch-screen, quad-core processor and an 8 mega-pixel camera, while you can read 3G's review of the Galaxy SIII by clicking here.


Three have some amazing Samsung Galaxy S3 deals which you can view by clicking here !

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