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Samsung Galaxy Note II Hits 3 Million Sales

By Simon Thomas on 02nd November 2012

The original Samsung Galaxy Note was a surprise hit and accelerated the move to even larger displays on premium smartphones. As you'd expect Samsung went on to announce a successor with the Note II , which has an even larger 5.9 inch touch-screen.


Samsung have confirmed that the Galaxy Note 2 has continued the success started by its predecessor. The Korean company unveiled that they've now sold 3 million Note II's across the world since the smartphone launched at the end of September.


That performance well exceeds that of the original Galaxy Note with the Note II reaching three times the sales in the comparative period after launch.  So the question is what is making the Galaxy Note range so successful ?

Well, is the Galaxy Note hitting a sweet-spot for consumers being compact enough to carry around in your pocket , but large enough for stunning browsing, multimedia playback and gaming. Or is the S-Pen interface which is winning over consumers which offers increased accuracy and usability over standard smartphones.


Or is it even simpler than that and just comes to it being a great device which amazing power ,  great build quality and excellent features. 3G were certaintly impressed with the Note II when we reviewed the device where we concluded that "Samsung has created a handset that has some unique features and which runs brilliantly. "


You can read all about the Galaxy Note in our review by clicking here !


Three have some amazing offers on the Galaxy Note II including a £36 a month tariff which gets you 2,000 minutes, 5,000 texts and unlimited data. You'll only have to pay £69 up-front for the Galaxy Note II and it's available in a choice of Grey or White.


You can checkout all of Three's Galaxy Note 2 deals by clicking here.

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