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Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Hits 5 Million Sales

By Simon Thomas on 27th November 2012

The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 has only been on sale for 5 months and it's already hit 5 million sales worldwide. The over-sized smartphone sold over 2 million units last month alone, which is mightily impressive !


When Samsung launched the original Galaxy Note it was a surprise hit and coined the term "phablet" , which is a cross between a smartphone and a tablet. There are now a number of over-sized smartphones on the market and the success of the Note II shows that consumers are still fond of the format.


The Galaxy Note II is available on some amazing deals on Three where you can pickup the smartphone with unlimited data on contracts starting at just £32 a month. You can checkout all of Three's Galaxy Note 2 deals by clicking here !


Samsung also revealed that they expect to sell 60 million smartphones in the last quarter of 2012. That's likely to cement their position as the best selling mobile manufacturer in the world and their lead over Apple in the smartphone market.


A large proportion of the Samsung's sales come from the Galaxy SIII, but the Galaxy Ace is also a hugely successful smartphone for the Korean company. We're interested to see how the Windows-powered Ativ S fares in the UK and to see the sales of the 4G LTE versions of the Note 2 and Galaxy S3.


As always 3G will keep you up to date with all of the latest news and updates about Samsung's smartphones and tablets !

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