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Orange Libon - Make Free VOIP Calls On iOS Devices

By Simon Thomas on 26th November 2012

A number of VOIP services are already available on modern smartphones with the two most famous being Skype and Viber. Well, now you can add Orange Libon to that list because it's now available on iOS devices and will be released for Android early next year.


Orange Libon enables iPhone, iPad and iPod owners to make free voice calls to other users in over 90 countries worldwide. Calls can me made over 3G, WiFi and even 4G , although apparently it doesn't work over EE's 4G network at the current time.


In addition to voice-calling the application also enables users to send free text messages to other Libon users across the world. Libon also has an in-built voicemail feature which can be personalised , as well as being able to transcribe voicemails into text !


The basic service is free , but Orange have also made a premium service available which offers you unlimited storage for saving your conversations, voice-mails and call history. Furthermore, you get 1 hour of calls to international mobile or land-line numbers in 31 countries.


Libon Premium costs £1.99 per month, so it's not a huge investment but we wonder whether it really offers enough to justify people upgrading. We'd expect Orange to add more premium features in the future which would make it a more interesting proposition.


Orange Libon is available to download free from the App Store and works with any iOS device regardless of which operator the smartphone is locked-to. Click here to download the application right now !

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