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Nokia Transport Arrives On Windows Phone 8

By Simon Thomas on 28th November 2012


Nokia have released a new version of their popular Nokia Transport application which adds support for the recently released Windows Phone 8 platform.


The new version incorporates the new Windows Phone 8 user-interface and the even better news is that the Windows Phone 7 version also incorporates the new visual style. However, visual changes arn't the only new feature of the new release of Nokia Transport.


The Windows versions of Nokia Transport get a new segmented map view , which makes planning your route and navigating even easier. The application also now includes the ability to plan ahead, while you can also easily change between miles and kilometres.


Furthermore, route history is also logged and can easily be deleted should you be concerned about privacy. 3G think this is a very important feature and in the future we'd hope that the application could learn your favoured routes.


Nokia have also released the new version for the Symbian platform and also benefits from a couple of improvements. That includes the ability to get over-the-air coverage updates and overall improvements in speed and to the search feature !


You can download Nokia Transport from Nokia by clicking here !

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