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Nokia Sell Over 2.5 Million Lumia 920 Smartphones !

By Simon Thomas on 27th November 2012

Nokia hasn't been having the best of times in the last couple of years and the sales of its Windows Phone 7 smartphones didn't resurrect their fortunes in the way hoped.  That has made the launch of its Windows Phone 8 smartphones even more important !


The Nokia Lumia 920 is Nokia's flagship Windows Phone 8 smartphone and a new report suggests that it's selling reasonably well. The Chinese version of Yahoo have reported that Nokia have now sold over 2.5 million Lumia 920's across the world in the last 20 days.


Nokia are probably pleased with the performance of the Lumia 920 so far and will be hoping that its success continues over the Christmas period. Sales of the smartphone in the UK are unlikely to be spectacular because one of its main features is 4G support and that's only currently available on EE.


The crew at 3G hopes Nokia's new Lumia range continue to sell well because we're real fans of their new range.  Infact, we recently reviewed the Nokia Lumia 920 where we awarded it 4 stars.  You can read 3G's full review of the Nokia Lumia 920 by clicking here.


We'll also be reviewing the more compact and slightly more affordable Nokia Lumia 820 very soon, so keep posted to find out just how good it really is !



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