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Microsoft Office Coming To Android and iOS Next Year

By Simon Thomas on 08th November 2012

Last month we brought you news that Microsoft were thought to be bringing Microsoft Office to the Android and iOS platform, . The information originated from a Microsoft employee in the Czech Republic , but was quickly denied by Microsoft themselves.


Now it seems he may have been telling the truth after-all because new information originating from sources inside Microsoft suggest that Office Mobile will launch on iOS and Android early next year. The new information, reported by TheVerge, claims that Office Mobile will launch on Apple devices in February or March before going to launch on Android in May.


Interestingly, you'll be able to download Microsoft Office free on both platforms which will enable you to view Word, Powerpoint and Excel files. However, in order to edit documents you'll need to purchase an in-app subscription and we have no idea how much that'll cost at this time.


Sadly, it looks like the Office Mobile applications will only offer basic editing features, but that's still better than nothing at all. Those looking for a more in-depth experience should get themselves a Windows 8 tablet or Windows Phone 8 smartphone , which both come pre-loaded with Office.


As soon as 3G hear anything more about the release of Microsoft Office / Office Mobile you'll be the first to know !



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