iPhone Case With Pepper-Spray Now Available


iPhone Pepper-Spray Case

Spraytect, a US company, have now released a unique iPhone case in the US which has a built-in pepper-spray. The case was produced by a worried father who wanted his daughter to have a compact self-defense mechanism that was socially acceptable.


The iPhone case, for the iPhone 4 and 4S, comes with a detachable pepper-spray cartridge which can easily , but safely, be fired. It also comes with a test cartridge which can be used to practise aiming and firing the pepper-spray.


The pepper-spray cartridge protrudes slightly from the back of the device, but that's a good thing because it doubles as a kick-stand for your iPhone.



iPhone Pepper Spray Case


Pepper-sprays are illegal in the UK , so it'll only be our friends over the pond who can purchase the Spraytect Pepper Spray Phone Case. The case is priced at $39.99 and comes with in a choice of Black, White, Pink or Turquoise.


The folks at 3G are pretty impressed by the idea of incorporating personal protection devices into smartphones and we think it's an area that could become more developed in the coming years.

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By Simon Thomas on 13th November, 2012

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