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iPad Mini's Release Won't Lead To A Reduction in iPad Sales

By Simon Thomas on 15th November 2012

When Apple announced the iPad Mini many industry experts, including the folks at 3G, thought that it might take away sales from the full iPad. However , new research suggests that isn't going to the case after-all.


A new survey , conducted by Cowen and Co, suggests that the iPad Mini will create more than enough new demand to cover any reduction in sales of the iPad.


The study of 1,225 consumers showed that 12 per cent of people planned to buy an iPad Mini in the next 18 months. Of that 12 per cent a whopping 52 per cent havn't owned a tablet before suggesting that the iPad Mini is attracting new people to the tablet market.


29 per cent of those planning to buy an iPad Mini are choosing it over the full iPad, which shows that some cannibalisation is present . However, the figure is more than covered by the new customers the iPad Mini is attracting.


Worryingly for Microsoft the vast majority of people intending to buy the iPad Mini are doing so at the expense of a Windows tablet (42 per cent). While, 13 per cent prefer Apple's tablet to the Amazon Kindle Fire.


This study has convinced us that Apple have been very smart in released the iPad Mini because it'll draw even more customers to their brand. Apple have also set the iPad Mini's price pretty close to the fully-fledged iPad so that the impact of any cannibalisation is minimised.


We're not sure if Steve Jobs would have agreed with the launch of the iPad Mini, but we think it'll prove to be a smart business decision !



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