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HTC One X+ Now Available On O2 !

By Simon Thomas on 01st November 2012

The HTC One X+ is now available to buy from the O2 store with a choice of tariffs available.


Those looking to get HTC's smartphone free will be looking at paying £36 a month which gets you unlimited minutes, unlimited texts and 1GB of mobile data. You can checkout all of o2's HTC One X+ deals by clicking here.


Currently O2 are the only operator stocking the HTC One X+ , but if the situation changes we'll let you know. We'd like to see it become available on Three with unlimited data so users can take full advantage of the smartphones potential.



The HTC One X+ is an improved version of the HTC One X , which received a glowing review when we examined the smartphone earlier this year. The One X+ is an even better device because it has a faster processor, bigger battery, more on-board storage and comes with Android Jelly Bean.


You can read more about the differences between the HTC One X and the One X+ in our comprehensive article by clicking here.


We've also posted a video , check above , which documents some of the major features of the HTC One X+. The video was issued by HTC themselves, so it's pretty comprehensive and gets out stamp of approval !

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