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HTC Facebook Smartphone - First Details Leaked !

By Simon Thomas on 05th November 2012

A Facebook-branded smartphone , being produced by HTC,  has been rumoured for quite some time and now we've got the first details about the mobile..


A reliable source , speaking to Pocket-lint, has claimed that that the smartphone has been code-named the HTC Opera UL, but that's likely to be just an internal code-name for the smartphone inside HTC.


One key thing confirmed by this leak is that HTC are producing the mobile as an OEM product for Facebook themselves. This means it'll be the first ever Facebook branded smartphone to launch , so you can expect some amazing social networking features to be included.


In addition to confirmation of the existence of the HTC smartphone some details of the mobiles specification have also leaked.  A NenaMark 2 benchmark reveals that the Facebook smartphone will have a 1.5 Ghz processor, which is presumed to be dual-core . The processor will be backed up by an Adreno 305 graphics processor , while it'll also have a HD display running at 1280*720 pixels.


Previous leaks suggested that the HTC's Facebook smartphone would launch in the middle of 2013, but it's apparently been delayed meaning it's more likely to launch towards the end of next year. Sadly, that's all the information we have about the device at this time.


3G's instincts tell us that the Facebook smartphone will be a mid-range smartphone which is obviously aimed at Facebook users, including those who don't yet use a smartphone. If it ships with  unique features and features a customised user-interface then we think it has a good chance of succeeding !



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