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Google Maps For iOS Enters External Testing

By Simon Thomas on 19th November 2012

Google and Apple are fierce competitors across the whole mobile industry and the latest development in the battle is Google's decision to release Google Maps on Apple's iOS platform.


Information being reported by the WSJ suggests that Google have now released the iOS version of Google Maps for external testing. After testing is complete Google will be submitting the application for approval to appear on the iTunes.


The ironic thing is that Google used to provide the back-end technology and databases for Apple Maps. However,  Apple released a new bespoke version of iOS Maps with iOS 6 , which removed Apple's dependence on Google.


The new version of iOS Maps has been widely criticised by consumers for being inaccurate  and Apple have since offered an apology for the state of its software. Infact, Apple even went as far as recommending that users should download third-party mapping software and for this reason we expect Apple to approve Google Maps application to appear on iTunes.


Apple will continue to work on improving iOS Maps, but it'll be a slow and arduous process to build-up comprehensive mapping databases. Therefore, we're pretty excited about the release of Google Maps for iOS because it already offers an accurate and comprehensive set of maps !



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