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Firefox Now Supports ARMv6 Android Smartphones

By Simon Thomas on 20th November 2012

Mozilla have released a new version of Firefox for Android which adds support for ARMv6-powered smartphones . The update opens up a massive new market for the browser because almost half of the Android mobiles owned worldwide run on ARMv6 processors.

In order to install the browser you merely need a smartphone running on Android 2.2 or newer with an 800 Mhz processor and 512MB of RAM. Smartphones supported thanks to the update include the Samsung Galaxy Ace, LG Optimus Q, HTC ChaCha and many more.


The new version of Firefox for Android also fixes the instability issues that the browser has had with Android Jelly Bean. While a couple of known bugs with the browser have also been resolved.


Additionally, "Talkback" integration has been added for the visually impaired while "Explore By Touch" and "Gesture Navigation" are also added. The whole browser now performs faster than ever before , which is a good enough reason alone to install the new version.


You can download the latest version of Firefox for Android by clicking here !

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