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EE Advise 4G Smartphone Owners To Turn On WiFi !

By Simon Thomas on 30th November 2012


When EE unveiled their 4G smartphone tariffs they came in for huge criticism due to the measly amount of 4G data included. In response the operator has now issued a video documenting how users can turn on WiFi on their Android smartphone to avoid using up all their 4G data.


The video might be helpful to people who never realised they could use WiFi on their 4G smartphone, but it isn't a solution to the lack of 4G LTE data being offered. The whole point of mobile broadband is to have access to the internet when out and about and if we could always access WiFi networks we wouldn't need it at all.


We're hopeful that in the next couple of months EE will increase the data allowance with their smartphone tariffs. Currently, the £36 a month deal comes with just 500MB of data which won't last long streaming HD videos and browsing content-rich websites.


To be fair to EE they did recently increase the inclusive data on their mobile broadband tariffs by 60 per cent and we're hopeful that they'll do the same with the smartphone packages. Being the first operator offering 4G isn't easy and perhaps we shouldn't all be so harsh with EE !


Besides those willing to splash the cash and lucky enough to live in a 4G area will benefit from speeds up to five times faster than current 3G networks. That'll enable amazing HD video playback without buffering and super-fast web-browsing on their smartphones and tablets.


Another excellent feature of modern smartphones is the ability to share your mobile connection with up to five other devices using tethering.


The video above shows you how you can use your Android smartphone to tether your 4G broadband with other devices. It's really easy and the good news is that it also works on all current smartphones regardless of which operating system they run on !

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