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Blackberry Messenger Now Supports Voice-Calling !

By Simon Thomas on 15th November 2012

RIM have released a new beta version of Blackberry Messenger (BBM) which adds free voice-calling !


Version 7 of BBM enables users to make free voice-calls to people anywhere in the world. Currently, the service only works over WiFi , but it's possible it might work over 3G and 4G in the coming months.


BBM already enables users to text-chat with friends and family across the world, as well as being able to send files and photos. The addition of voice-calling makes the application a must-have for owners of Blackberry smartphones and tablets.


With version 7 of BBM you can easily and quickly switch between voice and text chats, as well as enjoy a split-screen view enabling you to do both simultaneously. The app will also highlight any of your contacts who are available for a voice-chat and the service is compatible with all Blackberry accessories, including Bluetooth headsets.

RIM are going to release a new version of their Blackberry operating system at the start of next year which will launch on a couple of new smartphones. We'd expect tne new version of BBM to come pre-loaded on Blackberry 10 smartphones, but this has yet to be confirmed by RIM themselves.


Owners of Blackberry smartphones can download the beta version of BBM with voice-calling support by clicking here.

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