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Blackberry 10 To Be Unveiled on January 30th

By Simon Thomas on 12th November 2012

RIM originally planned to release Blackberry 10 this year , but it was then confirmed that it had been delayed until 2013. Now RIM have announced that they'll be officially unveiling the new platform on January 30th.


The launch of the new operating system and the first two smartphones running the platform will take place simultaneously in multiple countries across the world. Only then will we learn when Blackberry 10 smartphones will be available to buy , but we expect them to hit stores at the end of the first quarter.


3G still don't have any official confirmation on what smartphones will launch the Blackberry 10 operating system. However, we've heard numerous rumours about the Blackberry London which is expected to have a 4.2 inch touch-screen, a TI OMAP4 processor and 1GB of RAM.


Other features rumoured to be included on the London include an 8 mega-pixel rear-facing camera, front-facing 2 mega-pixel camera and 16GB of on-board memory. We don't yet know whether it'll support 4G LTE in the UK , but our instincts tell us that it won't.


Blackberry's share of the smartphone market has dropped quite significantly in the last couple of years which makes the launch of Blackberry 10 very imporant for RIM. They will also be keen to ensure the launch runs smoothly because their brand image has already been damaged by server crashes earlier in the year.


One good thing for RIM is that the Blackberry 10 operating system recently got granted FIPS 140-2 certification , which opens up the possibility of their smartphones being used by US and Canadian governments. While,  the operating system has also been well-received by operators and developers alike,


3G will be reporting on Blackberry's launch event on January 30th and we'll bring you any more news that surfaces before the event as soon as we get it !

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