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Apple To Dry Run iPhone 5S Production This Year ?

By Simon Thomas on 13th November 2012

Apple are rumoured to be planning a trial production run of the iPhone 5S next month. This might seem strange seen as how the iPhone 5 has only just hit the market, but the current iPhone has been experiencing huge problems in production.


The production problems have led to worldwide stock shortages of the iPhone 5 , which is something Apple are very keen to avoid in the future. The problems with the iPhone 5 is thought to relate to Apple's design which is apparently scratching very easily leading to high wastage and re-work.


Therefore, Apple are keen to test-run the iPhone 5S as soon as possible to ensure that production goes smoothly when the smartphone launches. Apple have apparently been pushing through the certification process for components in order to begin testing before the end of the year.


We don't have any information on when the iPhone 5S will launch , but the earliest we can expect to see the smartphone is the summer of next year. We also have no idea of what the specification will include but 4G LTE looks certain, while the addition of NFC is also very possible.


3G will be bringing you all the news about the iPhone 5S in the coming months, so Apple fans are in the right place !




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