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Apple Sell 3 Million iPad's In 3 Days !

By Simon Thomas on 06th November 2012

The iPad Mini (pictured above) and the revised iPad 4 launched on November 2nd and Apple have now unveiled that their combined sales have reached 3 million in the first 3 days of sale.


When the last iPad launched sales were just 1.5 million over the same period. Instinctively, you might think because Apple launched two devices they should hit twice the sales meaning that the new iPads have only faired equally as well the previous model.


However, the iPad 4 is only a minor improvement over the previous model , so that would be an unfair comparison and furthermore the 3G and 4G LTE versions won't be available for a couple of weeks.


Sadly, Apple didn't give the breakdown of sales for each iPad respectively , which is a shame because we're very interested to see how well the iPad Mini sold. Initial reaction to the iPad Mini was that it's priced too highly and that people would rather buy Google's Nexus 7 or the fully fledged iPad.


The success of both iPad's is likely to lead to a stock shortage which Apple expect to run into 2013, so they are advising anyone planning to buy one as a gift to order as soon as possible.


3G are still waiting to get our hands on the iPad 4 and iPad Mini, but as soon as we do we'll be posting reviews of Apple's new tablets. In the meantime we recommend you checkout Three's amazing iPad deals by clicking here.

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