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Angry Birds Star Wars Now Available To Download !

By Simon Thomas on 09th November 2012

Rovio have now released what surely looks set to become the most downloaded mobile game of all time,  Angry Birds Star Wars !


Angry Birds Star Wars combines the classic Angry Birds formula with the Star Wars universe in what is surely a match made in heaven. All your favourite Star Wars characters are included in the game in their "Angry Birds" form and all the levels take place across the Star Wars Universe.


The plot of the game has been twisted slightly and now involves fighting "StormPigs" to deliver the secret plans for the evil "PIG Star" to the Rebel Birds. In order to do so you'll have to fight across 80 levels against all sorts of different enemies including Imperial pigs, Tusken Raider pigs and the Dark Side of the force.



Plenty of new game-play twists have been added to the "Angry Birds" formula including the ability to use lightsabers, blasters and Jedi powers which will all assist you in conquering the Imperial Pigs. As you play you'll level up your birds and there are plenty of secrets to unlock along the way.


An in-app purchase also enables you to undertake 40 Jedi challenges with Master Yoda, which is surely a must for all budding Jedi. If you complete your training you'll then unlock the ultimate light-sabre.


Angry Birds Star Wars is available to download free Google Play, iTunes and the Windows Marketplace right now !

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