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Kevin Bacon Explains 4G On EE's Adverts

By Simon Thomas on 12th November 2012


EE are the only network currently offering 4G LTE in the UK and they've now launched a new advertising campaign to promote the service featuring Kevin Bacon.


The Hollywood star documents how EE's 4G LTE service enables you to keep connected with the world. The new 4G network is up to five times faster than current 3G networks enabling you to stream TV shows and movies without buffering.

Web-browsing is also much faster than before , while the new network opens up whole new possibilities for online gaming on your mobile device. Also documented in the video is the capability to pay for items on your 4G smartphone , which is a feature that's set to launch in 2013.


EE have now opened up 700 stores across the UK and already have a wide range of 4G smartphones available including the iPhone 5, Galaxy SIII, Nokia Lumia 920 and many more.


Currently, EE are the only operator able to offer 4G in the UK and it will remain this way until the middle of next year. The operator has been criticised for the high prices of their 4G network, but those wanting access to super-fast internet on their mobile don't currently have any other options.

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