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Swype Beta Available for Symbian Smartphones

By Simon Thomas on 09th November 2011

Swype have announced that they have made a new beta version of their Swype application available for Symbian smartphones.


Swype enables you to type faster by using one finger movement to type a whole world. In effect you slide your finger over all the letters you require and when its removed Swype assumes you've finished the word. Infact, the system has since been incorporated into Android where it is called Gesture support.


This new beta version for Symbian is expected to be the last one before the application launches officially. We're huge fans of Swype and the text input system it uses because it saves a lot of time and feels very natural to use.


Swype for Symbian supports all S60 devices, as well Symbian^3 smartphones.


You can download Swype on Symbian smartphones by visiting the Nokia Labs by clicking here.

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