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Panasonic Re-Entering European Smartphone Arena In 2012

By Simon Thomas on 28th November 2011

Panasonic are thought to be relaunching smartphones in Europe next year.


The Japanese company hasn't launched smartphones outside its native Japan since 2005, when it withdrew due to high levels of competition. However, according to Nikkei Business Daily they will be launching smartphones in Europe, North America and Asia in 2012.


The Panasonic smartphones will run on Google's Android platform and are expected to be from the LUMIX range of smartphones.


Panasonic recently launched the LUMIX Phone 101P in Japan which had an amazing 13.2 mega-pixel camera. That camera would certainly attract attention in Europe and would appeal to all the budding photographers out there. The LUMIX 101P also includes a 4 inch LCD touch-screen, waterproof body and 1 GHZ dual-core processor.


We can only hope that the LUMIX smartphones in Europe have the same amazing camera and as soon as 3G hears anymore we'll let you know.


We're not sure whether Panasonic can compete with the mobile giants such as Samsung, Sony Ericsson and Apple. However, it's quite possible they can build a niche market for themselves.



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